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Online Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

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Childbirth Class: Newborn

Online, Video, or In-Person, our birthing classes give you individualized attention and guidance.

Our nationwide online classes provide research-based instruction and a support community for those planning natural births, medicated births, and cesarean births. Whether your pregnancy is low-risk or high-risk, your certified childbirth instructor will provide you with the latest information specific to your own birthing situation. Our classes are designed for busy couples, moms on bedrest, and anyone who is interested in personal up-to-date instruction about pregnancy, childbirth, and baby care.

Our in-person Lamaze classes are focused on natural birth and are available in Northeast San Antonio.

Our newest format is video Lamaze classes. These are four, two-hour videos of the in-person classes. They can be taken completely through online videos or combined with the in-person classes if you have schedule conflicts.


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* I really enjoyed the class. I especially liked the variety of resources and the attentiveness of the instructor. The personal email communications from the instructor were fantastic! –Erica

* Elaine was such a great resource throughout the classes. I felt so grateful for her thoughtful, extensive feedback on each lesson and advice. I was skeptical about online birth classes, but had a very positive experience and appreciated the flexibility immensely. –Natalie

* I would definitely recommend this class to others simply because of how helpful and informative the instructor was through the entire class. –Jessi

* I wasn’t sure if I could handle a natural birth, but with the support of my husband who learned all the techniques with me, I did it!  –Helena

* The instructor was great! Every question I asked she either had the answer to or she led me to where I could find the answer. I really don’t think anything needed more attention than was already given. –Martieal

* I didn’t think I needed a birth class outside the hospital since I was getting an epidural, but my husband really thought we needed more information.  I was so grateful that no one tried to talk me out of the epidural, but I was educated about all my choices and what was going to happen.  I felt so prepared. –Sam

***ONLINE and VIDEO birth classes are available anytime, anywhere!***

***Click here for our IN-PERSON Lamaze class schedule.***

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Call or Text: (210) 275-1839



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  1. Scarlett Says:

    Hello! I’m looking for a childbird course in Spanish. Let me know if it’s possible.

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