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FREE ONLINE Birth Classes

Early Pregnancy Class (1 lesson- FREE)
Online Video Lamaze lessons nationwide (series of 4- FREE)
Evidence-based curriculum
Personal Attention for every student
We’ll teach you the facts about both medication and natural pain relief and you make your own birthing decisions
Perfect for: Natural Birth, Epidural Birth, Other Medicated Birth, Hospital Birth, Home Birth, Birth Center Birth, ANY Birth

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Praise for SA Birth Classes

* I really enjoyed the class. I especially liked the variety of resources and the attentiveness of the instructor. The personal email communications from the instructor were fantastic! –Erica

* Elaine was such a great resource throughout the classes. I felt so grateful for her thoughtful, extensive feedback on each lesson and advice. I was skeptical about online birth classes, but had a very positive experience and appreciated the flexibility immensely. –Natalie

* I would definitely recommend this class to others simply because of how helpful and informative the instructor was through the entire class. –Jessi

* I wasn’t sure if I could handle a natural birth, but with the support of my husband who learned all the techniques with me, I did it!  –Helena

* The instructor was great! Every question I asked she either had the answer to or she led me to where I could find the answer. I really don’t think anything needed more attention than was already given. –Martieal

* I didn’t think I needed a birth class outside the hospital since I was getting an epidural, but my husband really thought we needed more information.  I was so grateful that no one tried to talk me out of the epidural, but I was educated about all my choices and what was going to happen.  I felt so prepared. –Sam

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