PROM: Home or Hospital

Assumption: Once membranes have ruptured, women are safer in the hospital than at home.

Yet another topic in which there is not enough information to make a full conclusion.  These studies are interesting, but need more data!

The studies examined here measured outcomes when waters broke preterm. The studies covered 116 women, so the pool is too small to make definite conclusions, but of those women, people who STAYED AT HOME after the rupture were ultimately more satisfied with the experience and had no worse outcomes for mom or baby.  Women who went to the hospital were also more likely to have a cesarean birth.

My Views:
My personal experience includes water breaking at 36 weeks and waiting 3 days for labor to begin.  I was not uncomfortable and was careful to protect against infection.  I was certainly much more comfortable at home with my family than I would have been in the hospital and am grateful that I was “allowed” to be at home during this time.  All worked out fine and Baby N got an extra 3 days of gestation. 🙂  But I’m just one case…

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