Midwifery Care

Assumption: Women need to be under the care of a medical doctor to receive the best are during pregnancy.

Unless there are “substantial medical or obstetric complications,” women should be offered the choice of being cared for by a midwife.  In randomize trials, women under the care of midwives experienced no adverse affects and felt more in control of their birthing situations.


My Views:
I love the midwife-led model of care, personally.  Midwives tend to be able to give their patients more individualized time at each appointment and in my experience this translates to women feeling more educated and more empowered about making choices regarding birth.  Many people do not realize that a midwifery model is available in some hospitals, so those who do not want to have their babies at home can still receive midwifery care.

Some recommendations for midwifery care in the San Antonio area:

Hospital birth:
Lone Star Midwives

Birth Center or Home Birth:
San Antonio Birth Center (Alisa Voss)

Family Birth Center (New Braunfels)

Home Birth:
Jennifer Kelleher

Robin Rabenschlag

Salli Gonzalez

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