Late Pregnancy Ultrasound

Assumption: Ultrasound tests always provide important and beneficial information for pregnant women and their babies.

Studies demonstrate that late pregnancy (24 weeks+) ultrasounds for low-risk pregnant women do not provide benefit for Mom or baby.  Having late pregnancy scans did not change the number of women who had preterm labor, labor induction, or instrumental deliveries.  Those with scans did have a slightly higher cesarean birth rate.  For baby, late scans did not  affect birthweight, condition at birth, necessary interventions, or admission for special care.  Infant survival was no different between the groups with and without late pregnancy ultrasound.

My Views:
I’m a little concerned about over-use of ultrasounds in pregnancy in general and am glad to have these studies to show women that more is not always better.  Of course, nothing here shows that late ultrasounds *cause* problems (other than the higher rate of c-sections) either, so that should be noted.  I just wonder if bombarding our tiny babes with sound waves is as safe as assumed… maybe it is.  But, deciding against late pregnancy ultrasounds certainly should not be frowned upon, in light of this research!

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