Exclusive Breastfeeding

Assumption:  Mothers must introduce their children to solids between 4 and 6 months.

Babies who were exclusively breastfed for 6 months had better gastrointestinal health, were not growth impaired, and did not experience any adverse affects to the delay in introduction of solids.


My Views:
I thought it was pretty common to wait for 6 months to introduce solids, but I am hearing from more and more people that they are being advised to start at 4 months.  My experience is that at 4 months, most babies spit most of it back out anyway! 🙂  I’ve waited until 6 months with all of mine and they’ve all been perfectly healthy.  In fact, my daughter hated purees and hardly ate any solids until she could feed herself at around 9 months.  She’s a great eater now, at age 2.  I’ve heard of kids with allergies who were uninterested in eating solids for up to a year.  I think that going by baby’s cues is a better way to decide than judging by months, but I hope these studies will help encourage moms to wait until babies are ready to eat!

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