Delayed Cord Clamping: Disadvantages

Assumption: There are advantages to immediate cord clamping.

Yesterday I said I would try to find out of there was any particular *advantage* to immediate cord clamping.  It seems there must have at some time been some advantage or it would not be such a widespread practice, right?  The studies analyzed here show that delayed clamping/ cutting does not lead to more maternal hemmorages (as previously theorized) and it does help babies’ iron stores.  BUT, the babies whose cords were clamped 2 minutes or more after birth did tend to develop more jaundice.

My Views:
First, although low iron and jaundice can contribute to the risk of brain damage, I think that iron levels are more important since jaundice can be remedied in very non-invasive ways (frequent breastfeeding and exposure to sunlight) and is more apparent and easy to detect.  Second, I now wonder if there might be a benefit to some (low-level) jaundice at birth since so many babies experience it.  My personal opinion after reading these studies is that the delayed cord cutting has more benefits than risks and that it should be studied and practiced more.

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