Prescribed Bed Rest

Assumption: Bed Rest will prevent premature birth.

Although more studies are needed, current findings show no evidence that bed rest prevents premature birth.

My Views:  My suspicion is that bed rest per se is not going to prevent premature birth.  However, I wonder if stress might contribute to the problem.  Some women may be working too hard and therefore bed rest would be helpful for getting them to slow down.  Other women might be *more* stressed if they are limited to the bed.  Finding a situation that is right for the woman involved should be the main goal of the physician when deciding to prescribe bed rest or not.

2 thoughts on “Prescribed Bed Rest

  1. I think you’re mistaken. Doctors don’t claim that bed rest prevents premature birth (although to be fair, you didn’t say doctors). The assumption is that bed rest will lengthen the time of the pregnancy, even by one day. I’ve been on hospital bed rest for 22 days now…and though I HATE it, I’m still pregnant. Studies do show, however, that for something like cervical insufficiency, bed rest is as effective as a cerclage at preventing preterm labor. Ugh, I have up to 90-something days left. Yuck!

    • Thank you for commenting! I always include a link to the study in my reviews and somehow I had forgotten to include this one. I have now corrected that mistake. 🙂 This study shows that bed rest did not decrease uterine activity and therefore did not change outcomes. I would love to review a study about cervical insufficiency if you have one to recommend! Best of luck with your pregnancy. Hang in there; I know it’s not easy!

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