Not Enough Amniotic Fluid

Assumption: If an ultrasound detects too little amniotic fluid (a condition called oligohydramnios) labor must be induced as quickly as possible.

In this study, researchers found that isolated oligohydramnios did not lead to adverse outcomes.  However, when the condition was diagnosed, babies were delivered at earlier gestational ages.  So, women with this condition are at more risk of labor induction and cesarean section.

My Views:I first want to point out that this study was done on women in the THIRD trimester and who had no other symptoms of pregnancy problems, other than the oligohydramnios.  WIth this is mind, I would just want people to know that immediate induction does not seem to be necessary simply because low levels were discovered on ultrasound.  Women can be monitored using nonstress tests and kick counts to see how the baby is faring as they await labor.  This seems preferable to me since medical induction of labor carries so many risks of its own.