IVF and Perinatal Outcomes

Assumption: An IVF pregnancy is just the same as a naturally occurring pregnancy.

FALSEIn this study from 2004, researchers found that low birthweight, early preterm delivery, spontaneous preterm delivery, placenta previa, gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, and neonatal intensive care admission were statistically higher in women who had used IVF to achieve pregnancy.  The conclusions recommended that doctors take this into consideration when recommending elective preterm labor induction or cesarean.



My Views:I am in no way against IVF and in fact some of my very favorite people started life this way! 🙂  However, I recently got a question from a student about whether she should actively petition her doctor to induce because her baby was conceived through IVF and I thought this topic was an interesting one to look into.  My research found that while morbidity was more prevalent in IVF babies, this was usually associated with other factors, including mother’s health and multiple pregnancies.  This study actually indicates that induction, particularly induction before the due date, is contraindicated and should be avoided because of the prevalence of low birthweight babies and NICU admission.