Exercise Bike in Labor?

Assumption: During labor, walking is the most strenuous exercise a woman should do.


In this study, 84% of women perceived labor to be less painful while riding an exercise bike versus being at rest.  Conclusions were that it did not cause harm to the baby, stimulated labor, and alleviated some pain, possibly due to endorphin release.



My Views:
Before I go too far, I will say that this study only included 50 women, so it is not the final word on the subject.  It should, however, encourage more research I think!  I know that riding an exercise bike during labor probably doesn’t appeal to many women, but for those who are interested, it is good to know that it is nor only safe, but could possibly be beneficial!  The more choices women have about how to cope with pain during labor, the more women are going to have positive labor experiences.  Definitely worth looking into!