SA Birth Classes

Online Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

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SA Birth Classes

SA Birth Classes offers 10 different online childbirth classes covering pregnancy, birth, and postpartum from which our clients can choose.  (See sidebar.) You may choose as many or as few as you wish!  Each class, except Early Pregnancy, comes with a workbook for quick and easy reference.  The workbook will be mailed to you upon registration.

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Each Online Lamaze Class:
*costs $25, except the Early Pregnancy class, which is free.
*has 6 lessons given over two weeks (This can be condensed or extended as needed.)

How Our Online Lamaze Classes Work:
After you have registered and paid for your class, your book will be shipped to you. This usually takes 2-3 days. After your  book arrives, you will receive an email message with a link to the class.  Each class consists of readings and/or video viewings and assignments.  Some assignments are written and some are activities for you to practice.  If you have questions about the lesson, leave them in the comments section.  Your instructor will respond to comments daily.  If you have an issue you would like to discuss with the instructor privately, you may do this by email or by phone.  After you finish the assignments for Lesson 1, you will receive the link to Lesson 2, and so on for 6 lessons.  This is strictly self-paced, so the 6 lessons can be completed in a week or over the course of months, according to your schedule.

Recommendations for Online Childbirth Classes:
To get the most from our online childbirth classes, we recommend that each couple take Early Pregnancy (if in the first trimester), Healthy Pregnancy, Birth Choices, one birthing class (medicated, natural, cesarean, VBAC, or homebirth), and Postpartum and Baby Care.  This series of 5 classes generally takes about 10 weeks.  If this timing does not work in your situation, it is very flexible.

If you would like to take multiple online birthing classes, you are welcome to do so, and we will adapt them so information is not repeated.

Local Classes:
We also offer Lamaze childbirth classes to local clients.  These cover all the topics in the online courses in 4 lessons.  Each lesson lasts 1 1/2 – 2 hours.   The series costs $95 and classes are held in NE San Antonio.

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We’ve also started a new “mini-class”!  This class meets for just 2 lessons.  Contact us if you are interested.

Local online clients may choose a one-time one hour supplementary class that covers a topic they think they would learn better with in-person instruction.  Some possible classes are listed here.  The cost for a supplementary class is $35.

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