Local Lamaze Classes

Lamaze BabyClick here for 2017 class schedule

San Antonio couples may opt for in-person Lamaze classes instead of the online classes.  Our series consists of 4 lessons, lasting about 2 hours each.  Each couple will receive a workbook and the complete cost of the course is $95.  Our location is in NE San Antonio.

Lamaze Healthy Birth Class Topics
*healthy pregnancy
*labor variations
*labor terminology

*pain management (medicated and unmedicated)
*childbirth choices
*labor rehearsal
*unexpected situations (including cesarean birth)
*postpartum and baby care

Other In-Person Classes:
Mini-Lamaze Class
Homebirth/ Birth Center Class
Call or email for details!

13 thoughts on “Local Lamaze Classes

  1. Maria says:

    I’m due Oct 20 im intended in lamaze classes I’m I to late to take classes

  2. Amy walker says:

    I am due sept 2 2017… is it too late to come for a class?

  3. LeAnne says:

    When in my pregnancy should I start looking at taking Lamaze classes? I’m due in February.

    • Second trimester is ideal. I recommend trying to finish classes by 36 weeks, although I get a lot of clients who go right up to their due date. 🙂

  4. Nailah says:

    I am due 31 Oct. Is it to late to take a Lamaze class?

    • You’ll be cutting it close, but I recommend trying to squeeze in the mini-class on October 17 and 24. 🙂

  5. Nailah says:

    I am due 31 Oct. Is it too late to take a Lamaze class?

  6. lynette says:

    I’m due nov 1st I would really like to get some classes in before I’m due

    • Let’s see if we can get you in the September mini-class. 🙂 I’ll email you.

  7. Starla Parrott says:

    I am due June 3. IS it to late too late to sign up for the Lamaze classes?

    • As long as you haven’t had your baby yet, it is not too late. 🙂 I suggest sending me an email or calling and we’ll figure out how to squeeze it in! If the Lamaze class schedule doesn’t work for you, maybe an online class will.

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