Online Natural Birth Class

Online Lamaze ClassThis is an online Lamaze class for couples planning a non-medicated birth.  This class is recommended for those desiring a natural birth in a hospital or birth center attached to a hospital.

Online Natural Birth Class Topics
*labor variations
*early labor
*pain management
*active labor
*unexpected situations

The Online Natural Birth Class covers the Lamaze Natural Birth Curriculum and costs $25.

8 thoughts on “Online Natural Birth Class

  1. Victoria yaquian says:

    I am due 2/14 do you think it’s to late for me to take this class?

    • It’s not too late until the baby is born! 🙂 You can do the lessons at any speed you wish. I’ve had people take months to go through the 6 lessons or three days, doing 2 lessons a day! Feel free to call or email for more info.

  2. Jamie says:

    I’m wondering if the online natural birth class is sufficient to take instead of a lamaze class? I’m most interested in learning breathing techniques for pain management so I want to make sure that there will be detailed instruction within this class. I’m interested in other pain management techniques as well, so I think this class would probably be a good overview, I’m just wondering if I will need to take two separate classes.

    • Jamie-
      The in-person and online classes cover the same information, just using different formats. The online option was created for people who do not have the time or access to an in-person class. 🙂 The online class does cover breathing and other comfort measures. You are in constant contact with the instructor as well, so you can email any questions or concerns as you go through the class. Also, if you feel you’d like some extra help in person, you can add a private one-time supplementary class to review and practice the comfort measures!

    • Since none of the class is in “real time,” you can complete the assignments at any time of day. In fact, if other days of the week work better for you, that’s fine too! The assignments consist of readings, video viewings, practicing new skills, and answering discussion questions. Once you finish a lesson, I will respond to all discussion answers and any questions you have and then send you the link to the next lesson. You can complete all lessons as quickly or as slowly as you wish!

  3. Aryelle Wilstead says:

    I’d like to sign up for this class. How do I do that?

    • In the “Fees and Registration” section of the website (, go to “Click here to register.” This will take you to the registration form. If you scroll further down on the “Fees and Registration” page, you will see your payment options. When I have received your registration and payment, I will mail you the book you will use for the class and as soon as you receive that, we can begin! Feel free to ask if you have further questions, either here or by email at I look forward to working with you! 🙂

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