SA Birth Classes

Online Pregnancy and Childbirth Classes

FAQ 01

SA Birth ClassesHow do your online classes work?

Each lesson contains reading assignments, practical assignments, and written assignments.  Some also contain video assignments.  The reading assignments are from the workbook we send you and links to webpages that give accurate information about the topic.  Videos are links as well.  Practical assignments are things you can do to practice and prepare for labor.  Written responses can be posted on the assignment page itself or if you desire more privacy, can be emailed to the instructor.  You also have the benefit of seeing the questions and responses of others who have posted publicly.

We recommend you allow up to an hour for each lesson.  Depending on your interest level, some may take longer or shorter.

I would like to take the in-person classes, but the times are not convenient to me.  Can I get the same information in an online class?

Yes!  The in-person Lamaze classes cover the same content as 4 of the online classes: Healthy Pregnancy, Birth Choices, Natural (and Medicated) Birth, and Postpartum and Baby Care.  If you would truly prefer to do the in-person classes, but need a different schedule, contact us and let’s see what we can work out!

Are your classes offered only in San Antonio?

No.  Our online classes are available nationwide.  For obvious reasons, our in-person classes are limited to the San Antonio area.

My budget is very tight.  If I could take just one class, which would you recommend?

We recommend the free Early Pregnancy Class and if you can only afford one other, the Birth Choices Class.  If you are already certain about the kind of birth you prefer, you might prefer to take the class that focuses on that kind of birth (natural, medicated, cesarean, VBAC, home birth). Also, please contact us to ask about scholarships.

I am close to my due date, but want to take some classes.  Can I take more than one class at the same time?

Yes!  All class schedules are flexible.

I have heard that Lamaze classes are against epidurals.  I’m not sure if I want one or not, but I want to have that choice.  Will you try to convince me that I am weak if I choose to have medication?

No.  We will educate you about your choices in the Birth Choices Class without trying to persuade you in any way.  After taking that class, you can choose the Medicated Birth Class, the Natural Birth Class, or both!

I am having a scheduled cesarean.  Why would I need classes?  Won’t my doctor be doing all the work?

You still have choices to make during a cesarean birth and these choices can strongly affect your birth experience before, during, and after the surgery.

I am hesitant about giving out my email and mailing addresses.  Who will have access to them and how will they be used?

Only the SA Birth Classes administration and instructor will have your addresses.  They will not be sold or given away to anyone.  We will not ever use your email address for spam.  It will be used only to send you links to your class.  Your mailing address is only used for billing (if necessary) and to send your workbook (used in all classes, except the Early Pregnancy Class.)


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