GBS+ and Antibiotics

Assumption: If a mother tests positive for Group B Strep, she must have antibiotics or her baby will catch GBS.

In this study, mothers who used chlorhexidine for vaginal flushings were no more likely to pass GBS to their babies than those who were on antibiotics.  In fact, when antibiotics were used, e. coli was more prevalent.

My Views:
As a person who greatly appreciates the value of antibiotics when they are necessary and who greatly respects the need to use antibiotics *only* in these necessary situations, I am pleased that a simple vaginal flush can accomplish the same goals while exposing neither mother nor baby to unnecessary IV antibiotics.  If you are GBS positive and would like to avoid IV antibiotics during labor, ask your doctor or midwife about this alternative.  (Chlorhexidine is sold over-the-counter with brand names such as Hibiclens and Dexidin.)