Cord Clamping and Iron

Assumption: The umbilical cord should be immediately clamped and cut after birth.

This study demonstrated that delaying cord clamping by just 2 minutes had a significant effect on the iron levels in a newborn’s blood and continued to have an effect when checked again at 2 months and 6 months.

My Views:
Yesterday I reviewed studies that showed the benefit of delayed cord cutting on premature newborns.  Then, two friends posted this article on Facebook.  It is lengthy, but basically states that immediate cord cutting can be dangerous to the newborn brain.  This encouraged me to look for more studies about delayed vs. immediate cord clamping (in full-term newborns) and I found this one that supports the findings in the article mentioned above.  If waiting just 2 minutes before clamping and cutting the cord helps a newborn to regulate iron levels in the blood, I am amazed that immediate cutting is still the norm.  Are there downsides to delaying that I am not aware of?  Maybe I’ll look into that for tomorrow’s post. 🙂