Pitocin and ADHD

Assumption:  Pitocin (the drug used to induce labor) has no effect on the baby.

A study released this year found pitocin use by mothers was a strong predictor of ADHD (diagnosed later in life) in children.  67.1% of children whose mothers has been induced with pitocin were later diagnosed with ADHD.  35.6% of children whose mothers were not induced with pitocin were later diagnosed with ADHD.  In this study, pitocin effectively doubled the risk of an ADHD diagnosis.


My Views:
Wow.  I had wondered about this years ago as I watched so many children with ADHD in the schools.  I understand that genetics can play a role in such a diagnosis, but I find it fascinating that two of the things that have grown so much in recent decades (ADHD and pitocin use) can be linked.  This study makes clear that more research is needed and that parents need to be informed of this risk.  Fortunately, the newest recommendations for OBs includes waiting until at least 41 weeks to induce (without medical cause), which I hope will cut down on the number of inductions.