Relaxation During Pregnancy

Assumption: Mom’s state of relaxation in pregnancy affects Mom and Baby during and after labor and birth

This review of past studies demonstrates that relaxation during pregnancy does affect several aspects of labor, including:
Mom’s emotional state,
Fewer obstetric and postpartum complications,
Reduction of fetal heartrate and motor activity,
Higher birth weights, and
Regulation of emotional states and physiology

My Views:
This is the crux of the earliest theories put forth by Dr. Lamaze.  The ability to relax during pregnancy and labor does affect both Mom and Baby.  Whether they use breathing patterns, positioning, massage, yoga or other meditation techniques, visualization, hypnosis, or anything else, it is so important for moms to be able to will their bodies to release tension during pregnancy.  And once a woman has mastered the art of total release through relaxation, she can use these same skills for the release of tension during labor itself.