Skin to Skin Contact

Assumption: Mother and baby having skin to skin contact following birth is a good thing for both.

1,925 women and babies were studied.  Positive results include breastfeeding initiation and duration, attachment behaviors in moms, less crying in infants, and greater cardio-respiratory stability in pre-term infants.  No adverse effects were seen.

My Views:
As a mom I know the great peace I felt holding my babies immediately after birth.  I believe this is something that both moms and babies crave.  I don’t want to discount the dads in this either, though.  Although they were not part of these studies, I know that holding a newborn skin to skin provides a connected and warm feeling for dads when mom is unavailable due to stitching, recovery, etc.  There is nothing sweeter than the feel of a newborn’s soft skin and no more comforting place for baby to be than against mom or dad’s skin, listening to a heartbeat.  I love it when scientific studies tell us what we intuitively knew!