Sugar and Preeclampsia

Assumption: It is wise to keep processed sugar to a minimum during pregnancy

This Norwegian study concludes that processed sugar (sugar-enhanced beverages were mentioned specifically) can contribute to the condition known as preeclampsia.  Sugars found naturally in fruit did not cause the same problems and, in fact, were associated with a decreased risk of preeclampsia.

My Views:
I am not one to turn down sugary treats when they are offered from time to time, but I can see the wisdom in not keeping them around and indulging daily. 🙂  This study does not mention high fructose corn syrup, but since that is one of the main sugars used in beverages, I can’t help but think this one to particularly stay away from.  Several years ago I remember reading some advice (sorry no citation here; will look for a study!) that increased protein consumption could decrease ones chance of preeclampsia. That advice would seem to go along with this in that a high protein/ low sugar diet would be a healthy one.  I am pleased to see, however, that fruit was not implicated with processed sugar.  The body does handle different kinds of sugars differently and natural sugars like those found in fresh fruit are good for you!  (Be sure not to mistake fruit for fruit juice, however.  Even 100% fruit juice is the juice of MANY pieces of fruit, which can be too much of a good thing.)